Posted on April 12, 2012


Scripta Manent

I met a friend earlier in the week just to talk and catch up.  I tend to spend a lot of quiet time by myself, so when I get the opportunity to speak to an actual human being, I have a tendency to monopolize the conversation.  I don’t set out to do this, it just happens. This was the case with my recent opportunity to catch up with my friend.  I had so many things on my mind that I was excited about and before I knew it, I was sharing this and that and everything else.  I think I came across a bit overwhelming.  I am certainly not proud about this and on the way home I experienced the familiar pangs of regret.  I recommitted myself to asking questions and listen more next time.

I am a talker by nature.  In classes, especially smaller one, I tended to be…

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