Late September Dogs (Hard Rock Cafe)

Posted on October 4, 2012


Lyzz Tyson and Dann Tyson of Late September Dogs.

Last Friday night, I did something which I have not done in a long, long time. I drove into downtown Seattle and paid for overpriced parking just to see a live band play. Which band could drag me twenty miles into town and motivate me to fight the traffic and parking nightmare which is downtown Seattle? The band which inspired me was Late September Dogs (LSD) and they were headlining at the Hard Rock Cafe. I became aware of the band several months ago and have been listening to their music as part of my playlist ever since. Here was a chance to see for myself what kind of live show they put on.

From their website (, I discovered that the band was formally created 1996 in Torino, Italy. Eventually they answered the call of LA and moved to the States, only to flee to the more band friendly Seattle area. Check out their website for the colorful details. Band members have come and gone over the years, but Late September Dogs have continued rocking it out for over a decade held together by the dynamic brother and sister tandem of Lyzz and Dann Tyson, the heart and soul core of LSD.

Dann Tyson, lead guitarist with Hello Kitty shredding it at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle.

Arriving early, I found the Hard Rock Cafe’s upstairs bar crowded. I took that as a good sign. Securing a spot near the bar with a good view of the stage, I ordered a beverage and appetizer and settled in. The upper room at the Hard Rock Cafe can feel a bit crowded at times, but it’s a great venue if you want an intimate and up close experience with a band. The crowd was lively, upbeat and in good spirits, but the nondescript security guys were ever vigilant and making regular passes around the room.

The opening band had a decent sound with a likeable front man. Neither their music nor his personality compelled me to want to leave. They did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up and into the mood for Late September Dogs. I noticed that during the opening band’s set, Lyzz and Dann Tyson of LSD were circulating through the crowd talking, hugging on and taking pictures with their loyal fans and friends.

Late September Dogs opened their set with “Outandinandupagain” which is a catchy tune providing moments for the crowd to get involved while also highlighting Lyzz’s gritty spellbinding vocals and remarkable range. They followed this up with the solid “Nevermine” where Dann Tyson cuts loose, shredding some tight riffs to the delight of several young men in the front row who promptly drop to their knees. They pay homage with outstretched arms and twitching fingers, as if attempting to draw forth sustenance from their pink, ‘Hello-Kitty’ amped up guitar wielding dark god of rock. There is a long story behind that pink guitar suffice it to say that it has become the thing of legends.

Jay Smith (Rhythm Guitars) and Lyzz Tyson (lead vocals) from Late September Dogs.

You cannot watch lead vocalist Lyzz Tyson on stage without drawing the conclusion that she literally comes alive when her feet hit the stage. She absolutely flourishes, enchanting the audience with her fluid serpentine movement, infectious energy and natural charisma, while serenading crowds with her dreamy, emotive vocals. She has been described as the “rocker-chick love child of Pat Benatar and Layne Staley” and while you can hear that in her voice at moments, she created her own uniquely captivating sound. Hearing her effortlessly switch between controlled soulful lows to hard rocking chill-inspiring highs, leaves the audience astounded that such a powerful voice could emerge from her pixie-esque frame.

I could toss out a litany of bands which Late September Dogs reminds me of but any comparison would fall short. Walking out their own unique path, LSD has the confidence and ability to take any song, make it truly their own, remaining true to their hard rocking roots and yet add an edgy reflectiveness to it. This ability was fully apparent when they surprised me by ending their set with two amazing covers; “Purple Rain” and “Helter Skelter” both of which they completely rocked out, putting their own unique LSD twist on them and whipping the audience into a frenzy.

YouTube Videos:

The talented Late September Dogs is intelligent rock with a soul at its best. Curiously they are called “Seattle’s dirty little secret”, but slowly that secret is unraveling as more and more people are exposed to this musically tight band. I would encourage you to check out some of their videos above and take advantage of the free download of their album “Anything but Beautiful”. Once you are hooked, pick up their latest album, “pretty broken” and check their website for their upcoming live shows, you won’t be disappointed.