The Atomic Bombshells are “Lost in Space” (The Triple Door)

Posted on November 21, 2013


"Lost in Space" Poster @ The Triple Door.

“Lost in Space” Poster @ The Triple Door.

A spectacular alien assault on the senses dazzles at the Triple Door as The Atomic Bombshell’sLost in Space” invasion leaves audiences weak from laughter. Through a series of loosely connected vignettes, “Lost in Space” launches audiences on an interplanetary adventure with stalwart hosts, Captain Jasper McCann and his enthusiastic First Mate Lou Henry Hoover. Along their journey, we encounter a wild assortment of exotic and sensual aliens decked out in a stunning array of intricately detailed costumes (courtesy of Jamie von Stratton) which held audiences spellbound throughout.

Lost in Space”, which ran from November 13 through November 16th, is a well-produced and choreographed, over-the-top campy burlesque show designed to titillate and amuse audiences. The show succeeds on every level, driven behind the creative force which is Kitten La Rue, who skillfully weaves a compelling and memorable series of choreographed scenes. Several of these scene paid tribute to sci-fi classics like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, Roger Vadim’s “Barbarella”, Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001” and “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”. There is even a humorous nod to local Seattle coffee culture, in an unforgettable scene depicting three aliens first experience at an espresso shop. Captain Jasper McCann and First Mate Lou Henry Hoover shine as the creative glue that connects these scenes together. They keep the show from the threat of ever losing steam from the dramatic synchronized opening performance done to Richard Strauss’ ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ booming in the background.”

Lost in Space” is a tight production which audiences will be hard pressed to determine which part of the show shines brightest: the choreography, the eclectic musical score, the off-the-chart costumes, hysterical skits or the beautiful and talented cast. This show strikes the precise balance between sexy and campy fun, never taking itself too seriously and yet chock full of engaging routines and humor. From Ruby Mimosa in her saucer costume forced to hitchhike with the meteor shower guys, to Inga Ingénue portrayal as the 50’ woman playfully tossing a model of the monorail aside in the shadow of the Space Needle and the powerhouse performances of Lily Verlaine, Kitten La Rue and Inga Ingénue during the Metropolis number, the show never lets down.

Atomic Bombshells 'Lost in Space'.

Atomic Bombshells ‘Lost in Space’.

At one point, Honey D. Luxe completely mesmerized the audience during her homage to Jane Fonda’s “Barbarella“, which was more like a sensual aerial assault on the audience’s libido. Waxie Moon’s enchanting re-creation of the moon waxing and then waning was impressive and drove the audience crazy. I had a chance to meet and talk with him (as well as Kitten la Rue and Honey D. Luxe) briefly after the show and found him to be similarly engaging in person. One of the few moments when the audience was not laughing occurred during the enthralling shooting star spiral performance by the gifted aerialist Tania, which held everyone’s rapt attention.

In my three part interview with Kitten La Rue (See part 1 of “Green Tea, Octo Sushi and Chit Chat with Kitten La Rue”), she had expressed how much she enjoyed performing with Ben de la Crème. So it was no surprise that he was so wickedly delicious as First Mate Lou Henry Hoover’s alien spider blind date, beautifully attired in purple and black. Lou’s expressions turn from excited yet naively hopeful to outright shock and awe, as Ben (alien spider) inspects and then violent begins to devour the flowers Lou had brought to their date. Ben’s ‘Word from our Sponsor’ bits scattered throughout the show were equally hysterical, as his facial expressions were truly off-the-chart funny and kept the audience roaring with laughter.

The Atomic Bombshells kick away in "Lost in Space"

The Atomic Bombshells kick away in “Lost in Space”

Kitten La Rue left no doubt in the minds of anyone who witnessed her spectacular performance as Saturn, that she has mastered her craft. Dressed in a glamorous formfitting orange and green dress complete with rings, orange hair and gloves, she was stunning. She seemed to delight in every moment of her performance as she danced and hoola-hooped her way around the stage. She smiled playfully as she took an enormous ring and masterfully spun it around her waist, drawing cheers from the packed crowd.

The Atomic Bombshells are abundantly talented and know how to put on a technically strong performance guaranteed to entertain their audience. For what they do, they are setting the bar for classy, fun burlesque with a huge dose of camp. You may have missed out on “Lost in Space” but you can redeem yourself by taking in their upcoming traditional Valentine’s Day show, “J’Adore” at the Triple Door in February. “J’Adore” makes a great date night for you and that special someone.

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